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About Mystic Wellness

Mystic Wellness was started in 2018 to help women reconnect to themselves to live more aligned and intuitive lives. We need to heal ourselves before we can help others heal. This involves reconnecting to your soul and higher self by removing emotional and spiritual filters that keep you from living in alignment with the life of your dreams. Breaking down the walls and beliefs we have been storing in our subconscious and our energetic fields. Mystic Wellness was created to share a love of energy medicine and the power of intuition to women who are looking to become more self aware and live more fulfilling and passionate lives.

What is energy medicine?

Energy medicine is using energy intentionally. All of us are able to manipulate and change energy, its just a matter of tuning in to make the shifts necessary to facilitate healing and growth within ourselves. Some different types of energy medicine are Reiki, Quantum Touch, and Pranic healing. I feel these are all different names for very similar things. These are just different methods using very similar techniques that have been created to help people heal. I believe that all energy medicine is beneficial and it truly does not matter what “type” you utilize. Even prayer can be considered energy medicine. Our intentions and thoughts have a powerful affect on the world and the quantum field, and we make changes with just our thoughts. What we should be focusing on is the willingness to change and begin to become self aware enough to confront the things we weren’t previously willing to face on our own. Having a session with any of these modalities will typically leave you feeling balanced, blissed out, peaceful, and calm. There can also be emotional releases during a session where you feel the need to cry and that is totally normal as well. We are moving old energy out of the body to replace it with a higher vibration to bring you to a new perspective. Sometimes this old energy we’ve been storing has a lot of emotion attached to it and needs to be released. But release is good, it means we’re pushing it out.

Jennifer uses a variety of sacred practices during her healing sessions. Reiki and Quantum Touch, crystal therapy, sound healing, channeling your spirit team, the Akashic Records, and more to create an environment and experience that facilitates healing on a cellular level. Her healing sessions can help clear your energetic pathways for ultimate healing and growth, and re-connect you to your sacred power. The intention we go in with can be anything that you are currently struggling with that you want more insight or clarity on, or behaviors or patterns you’re seeing in your life that don’t bring you joy.

About Jennifer

Jennifer began a meditation and yoga practice at the age of 12, going to classes with her mom and reading books about past life hypnotherapy, the law of attraction, meditation, aura viewing, and the journey of our souls. She always had an ever-growing collection of crystals growing up and often carried them with her for energy and support.

Her teenage and early adult years were spent as a drug addict but she was able to get sober at 21. She experienced several traumatic incidents even after becoming sober that changed her life forever. However, at 27, she felt like she had hit a spiritual and emotional rock bottom. Becoming pregnant and having no partner support was a serious mental hurdle that she had to learn to deal with. She had been working in childcare and elderly/disabled care for the better part of 10 years but wasn’t feeling called to it anymore, so she began begging Spirit for answers during meditation.

After receiving a one worded message, “Reiki”, she did some research and began training to become a Reiki master and eventually learned crystal healing and how to access the Akashic Records, along with several other energy healing methods. She used these techniques combined with her natural ability to channel her spirit team and angels to help herself overcome spiritual and emotional blockages, and she very quickly began to see miraculous changes in her mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Jennifer offers one on one healing sessions, energy cleansings, and Akashic Records readings to help others bring light, peace and joy into their lives through re-connection and alignment to our true selves. She also teaches classes at Herb + Dew Apothecary in Redondo Beach, CA and holds events and online classes.

Jennifer wants to make the mystical tangible and accessible, and empower women to reconnect to their purpose and harness their intuition to step into their divine wisdom using holistic and alternative techniques.

She currently resides in Torrance, CA where she frequents the local farmers markets, attempts to keep plants alive, and cooks vegan meals for her and her daughter.


Together, we can activate your DNA to:

Open up your intuitive powers

Release limiting beliefs

Overcome the fear of the unknown

Relieve physical pain

Release trauma from your past

Work through blocks that keep you stagnant

Manifest your ideal reality

And more


Rachel R.

“My session with Jenn came at the perfect time. The 48 hours leading up to it, I felt so much dense energy clogging my system leading me to feel exhausted, anxious, and just constantly worried. During my session with Jenn, I still felt those feelings, but I could feel her moving the energy around. The next morning I woke up and felt a thousand times lighter. I finally slept really well and was at peace with some of the things that had been weighing on me. It’s been a few days and I still feel so much more grounded, clearer, and positive. I can’t thank her enough for helping shift the energy!”

Erika V.

“Jenn helped ease my mind and allowed the energy to flow. She turned my spark into a fire and I felt like a goddess from the stars.”

Aaron T.

“This experience was an eye opening one. My feelings and emotions after my first session left me wanting more of a connection with myself and my guides. I appreciate the personal nature of the distance healing despite the distance so if you’re open to change I’d give it a shot!”

Elizabeth C.

“Having a Quantum Soul Session with Jenny was the best gift I could have ever given myself. When I say life changing, it’s an enormous understatement!! It was LIVES changing!! We worked through the Akasha to help eliminate some past life trauma I knew I was holding onto—- and during the energy work I had already felt the release begin. I cannot express how much gratitude I have for Jenny and her work. It’s insane. Not to mention her grace, relatability and overall presence in love. PLEASE treat yourself to this experience!! I am forever changed!! Thank you SO MUCH, Jenny!!”


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