Terms & Policies



We understand that life happens. In the event of a cancellation, we request you make it 24 hours in advance of your appointment start time and we will refund your fee. If it is not made within that time frame we will refund half of your fee.


Reiki is not a substitute for proper medical care. Reiki does not diagnose or treat any illness. Reiki is a holistic alternative therapy and should be taken in conjunction with proper medical treatment if you are suffering from a medical condition. Jennifer Cramer is not a medical doctor or medical professional and any information taken from this website or any session with Jennifer should be used for entertainment purposes only. Please check with your primary care physician before receiving a Reiki treatment. Reiki will not cure any disease and a Reiki practitioner is not a doctor. Reiki has no known side-effects but please mention on your intake form if you have a pace-maker and we will avoid that area as a practitioner’s hands can have a high EMF (electromagnetic frequency) during sessions that could possibly interfere with the device.