Healing Sessions

90 minutes


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In a healing session we will…

Chat about your needs and goals

Choose from a variety of healing techniques such as:

Akashic Records reading/healing

Reiki, Quantum touch, sound healing, crystal therapy, and intuitive channeling

Connect to your soul’s essence, higher self and Spirit to attain messages and information about stagnant energies that are holding you back

Work together to remove the filters that keep you from energetic flow

Open up the pathways to manifest abundance, joy, and purpose in your life

You can experience:

  • Enhanced intuition

  • Mental clarity, clearer goals and direction

  • Emotional release

  • A feeling of calm or decreased anxiety

  • Openness to new opportunities

  • A feeling of balance or bliss

  • A deeper connection to your soul and purpose on Earth

  • Closer connection to your guides and ancestors

In-person sessions are held at Herb + Dew Apothecary in Redondo Beach, CA.

Remote sessions are available and can be done in the comfort of your own home via video call.

To see testimonials of remote clients, go to the testimony section of our homepage.