Crystals For Activating Your Psychic Abilities

When you think of intuition, what comes to mind? I’m sure you might recall a time you made a decision even though you had a “bad vibe” about it, and it ended up backfiring. Or maybe you didn’t book a flight or hotel just because you “had a feeling” and some incident occurred at the location you would have been travelling to. This is our intuition. It is our higher self informing us and subtly guiding us. The hard part is listening.

Crystals have been known to assist humankind for as long as we have existed on earth. From Egyptian High Priests using Lapis Lazuli for healing to crystals being used to transmit electricity, their effects are undeniable.

But what crystals should you use to open up your intuition, and in turn, your psychic abilities? There are many different kinds of crystals and all have specific ways they can help us. This is because crystals are vibrating at low frequencies, similar to our chakras. Chakras are energy centers in our bodies and are associated with different spiritual aspects of ourselves as well as physical body parts. For example, the throat chakra is related to the throat and speaking your truth. If you have an overactive throat chakra you are prone to talk too much about yourself, and if it is under active you run the risk of not being able to speak up for yourself. Balancing your chakras is important and crystals are very beneficial for doing just that.

Today, we’re going to talk about how to open up your third eye chakra, so you can easily connect to your higher self and the spirit realm to receive insight and wisdom. The third eye chakra vibrates with indigo/violet colors so typically if a crystal holds this color it will resonate well with your third eye chakra and assist you in finding more clarity by balancing out the frequency for maximum benefit.

The Best Crystals to Open Your Third Eye Chakra






Lapis Lazuli






Purple Fluorite


This list is just a few crystals that can get you started. If you’d like to learn about more crystals, energy medicine, and how to heal yourself and others, join the Intuitive Goddess Tribe on Patreon!

How to Use Crystals to Open up Your Psychic Abilities

First, make sure your crystals are properly cleansed. Lying down comfortably, you can rest any of these crystals directly over your third eye chakra. You can meditate with them there for 15 minutes. You can ask a question or just remain open and imagine a bright beam of pure white light emanating from your third eye.

Write down any messages or thoughts that come to you immediately after your meditation.

You can also just keep these stones in your pocket during the day to keep you connected to your intuition and open up your psychic sight, Make sure to properly cleanse your crystals after every use.

Again, if you are interested in receiving more information on how to gain insight to the spirit realm and heal yourself and others with crystals, you can get on the waitlist for the Crystal Healing for Beginner’s course launching in 2019! Sign up here

Jennifer Cramer