4 Ways You Can Connect With Your Spirit Guides

We all want a little more guidance in our lives. The great thing is, there are beings specifically contracted to you for this very purpose. Your Spirit Guides are entities that may or may not have been humans on Earth, but they are full of knowledge and wisdom in a large range of categories that can help you with all sorts of specific needs. Some guides are angels and some can be from other worlds completely. The point is that they are YOURS and they are here to help you as much as you’ll let them! Today, we’ll go over 4 to connect with your spirit guides.

Each person usually has around 5 guides. Some can have more, and some can have less. The typical guide roles are: Teacher, Guardian, Healing/Health, Messenger, and Gatekeeper. There can be more types of guides on your team but in general, this is what most incarnated beings have been given. Later this month i will have an in-depth post on what each guide does for us, but today lets just get down to the basics of building a relationship with your guides!


The first way you can connect to your guides is so simple it hurts. ASK! Say aloud, “I am open and ready to receive your messages. I would like to meet my guides.” Your guides will not present themselves unless they are asked or it is a life threatening situation. Now, don’t expect Jesus to present himself at the foot of your bed in a pillar of light (but if that happens I’m mad jealous).

After stating your intention, most likely nothing will happen to your knowledge. You may start seeing something repeating over and over as you go about your day. You may start noticing a theme (my first was repeating numbers from my teacher guide Julia). It could be that suddenly you start seeing swords everywhere. You notice there are many swords coming into your life or the general theme of knights. Perhaps your guardian guide is a knight and is trying to nudge you to listen. You may even request that they make their presence known in your dreams and to ask for help in remembering upon waking.

Just start being more aware of the world around you. Put your phone down when you’re out and really pay attention. They are probably trying to show you something.


Meditation is one of the best ways to center yourself and become a channel to receiving messages from your guides. Find somewhere quiet and set the intention of connecting to your guides. Sit in a comfortable position and ground yourself. With your feet flat on the ground, you can imagine that your feet are growing roots. These roots are spreading and traveling all the way to the Earth’s core. Follow the visualization of the roots traveling all the way to the core, and once they reach it, visualize the energy traveling back up into your body as a bright healing green light. Imagine the green light filling you up from your toes slowly upwards throughout your entire body. Up through your torso, into your head, imagine the light shining out of the crown of your head and when you feel that your body is saturated with the green light, that it is bursting out of your pores, just enjoy that feeling for a few moments and when you feel you are ready you can begin your meditation. Say aloud, “I am ready to receive your messages.” You can ask to meet a specific guide or ask what their name is. See what comes to you. You’ll be surprised at what is presented once you set your intention.

Automatic Writing

One fun way to connect to your guides is by automatic writing. Automatic writing is allowing your guides to write through you. You can try this by meditating for 5-10 minutes and ask to connect with your guides and focus on your desire to build trust and dialogue. Once you are out of your meditation, have a pen and paper nearby and write down everything that comes to you. When I do this, I receive amazing feedback and it doesn’t even look like my own handwriting.

Another way you can do automatic writing is just by asking a question and writing the answer without thinking about it first. Remember, it’s automatic! Just let it flow through you. It may take some practice. But if you think something doesn’t make any sense, it could just be a message that isn’t fully formed. Be an inquisitor and look into the meaning of what’s been written out.

Awakening Your Third Eye

Awakening your third eye will give you a huge advantage into seeing the messages of your guides. There are many many ways to open your third eye. You can meditate and imagine a beam of light shining out of your third eye for 5-10 minutes (but always imagine a golden mesh shield protecting your third eye afterwards to protect yourself).

You can meditate with crystals on or above your third eye (quartz, lapis lazuli, and amethyst are my favorites and I can see magnificent colors when I place them on my third eye). The placement of the crystals is whatever you feel comfortable with.

You can connect with your intuition which will open your third eye by selecting different tarot cards from a deck. Or by practicing this exercise: Write “Yes” “No” and “Maybe” on note cards and flip them over. Ask yourself a question that you know the answer to. Mix them up so you don’t know which is which anymore, then use your intuition and third eye to see and feel which one feels like the correct answer. Then ask yourself questions you don’t know the answer to. The first time I did this I was hysterical with excitement because my intuition was so accurate!

Any of these techniques can bring you closer to your spirit guides, and I hope you enjoy meeting them!

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Jennifer Cramer