3 Simple Grounding Techniques Everyone Should Know

First and foremost, grounding just means that you are grounded in the present moment. Not worried about the future, not dwelling on the past, your energy and intentions are here and now. Grounding can be done at any time, and is always beneficial.


So how does one ground themselves? There are many, many ways that you can ground yourself to collect your energy and reign those racing thoughts in. There are also many reasons you would want to ground yourself. After meditation, after a healing session, after an illness, when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed and just cannot seem to stop the endless procession of thoughts, it can be a very empowering and aligning experience. You will emerge feeling clarity, peace and more aligned with your higher self.

Here are the 3 grounding techniques that will bring you some clarity of mind and bring your thoughts back to center.

Sage Smudging

Sage is a powerful sacred plant. When sage is burned it actually changes the ionic compounds in the air. There is a reason it has been used by our ancestors as a cleansing ritual.

How to smudge with sage: either purchase a sage wand or if you have a sage plant, you can collect the leaves and tie them together with a thread and hang it upside down in a cool dark area until dry. Once you have your sage, you can light the end and once it gets a good smoke going, use either a feather or your hand to bring the smoke into your energy field and imagine that you are taking an energetic bath with it. Go from your feet all the way up to your head and back down again until you feel your energy has shifted.

You can even use a mantra that helps you dismiss any negative energy such as, “God of all, Goddess of light, shield and protect me day & night, positive feeling alone come near, all others wither & disappear.” or another, “Into this smoke I release all energy that I do not serve; all negativity that surrounds; and all fears that limit” There are many to choose from, or you do not have to say anything at all, instead just the intention that your energy is tuning into positive and balanced.

The sage can be put into a natural dish that cannot be melted such as abalone shell or metal, not plastic! You can continue the cleansing ritual in your home or space that you are in the clear the energy there as well. Sage should typically be discarded after one ritual.

Thank the sage for its healing and wisdom and bury it in the ground after it is completely extinguished and you have completed your cleansing.


Using crystals to cleanse ourselves of negativity is a sacred practice and extremely beneficial. A few crystals that are useful in grounding include Hematite, Smoky Quartz, Jasper and Shungite. Choose whichever crystal calls to you, as this will most likely be what you need at the time.

How to Ground Yourself with Crystals: Hold the crystal of your choosing in the palm of your hand and set the intention that you are cleansing your energy field with this crystal and connecting to the divine energy of the earth. With both feet planted on the ground, imagine roots flowing out from the soles of your feet and reaching deep down through the Earth, all the way to it’s core. Visualize all negative energy, stress and worries flowing out of you through the roots and into the Earth to be dissolved. Then visualize a bright green light flowing back through the roots into your body filling you up until it is shining out of every pore. Hold this energy, breathe deeply in through your nose and out through your mouth. Thank your crystal and the Earth for it’s divine wisdom.

Come into contact with the Earth

This is one of the most simple methods as it doesn’t require anything except your body and the Earth. You can ground yourself by standing barefoot on the earth. You can take a shower and feel the water cleansing your negative energy, washing it away down the drain. You can put your feet in the sand at the beach. Anything that brings your body into direct contact with the Earth is very beneficial for releasing any worries or recycled thought patterns that don’t serve you. Release them into the Earth, the Earth knows what to do with this energy and takes it gladly. Thank the Earth for the connection and divine healing.

If you have more ways you like to ground yourself, comment below! Have a friend who is always go-go-go? Share this with them so they can use the tools for centering and balance in their daily lives.

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